Friday, July 29, 2016

Trust the power of love...

Read this today, I love her idea of inventing new ways for love...

"Our challenge today is to trust the power of love at the heart of life, to let ourselves be seized by love, to create and invent ways for love to evolve into a global wholeness of unity, compassion, justice, and peacemaking."

Ilia Delio

Ilia Delio, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution, and the Power of Love (Orbis Books: 2013), xxv.

Monday, July 04, 2016


I've been really appreciative of Ron Roheiser's thoughts recently, here he is talking about how easy it is to lose perspective ...

"When perspective is lost, the world turns upside down; contentment gives way to restlessness, humility to ambition, and patience to a hopeless pursuit of a consummation, renown and immortality that this life can never give.

I know. It's happened to me, countless times; in fact it happens to me most all of the time. In my life, forever it seems, I keep losing perspective and becoming obsessed with a love l cannot have, with hurts that I cannot let go of, and with an ambition that leaves me too preoccupied, too self-absorbed and too hurried to fully notice what's around me.

Like most everyone else, I spend too many hours waiting for a special phone call that doesn't come, for a special letter that doesn't arrive, for a special glance of affection that isn't given and for a special daydream to turn into reality. I spend too many hours stewing about hurts, replaying again and again the real and imagined rejections, insults and misunderstandings that have come my way, and dwelling on where I've been cheated, where life is unfair, and where others have been given what I don't have."
(Ron Rolheiser)

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