Friday, July 31, 2015

My Tilgate Kingfisher...

Seems an age away, but I really enjoyed our Church day out at Tilgate.  The highlight for me was the unexpected sighting of a Kingfisher, a flash of orange and blue and there it was. Ever since I heard this poem I've wanted to see a Kingfisher to see if Ann Lewin was right.

Prayer is like watching for 
The kingfisher. 
All you can do is 
Be there where he is like to appear, and 
Often nothing much happens; 
There is space, silence and 
No visible signs, only the 
Knowledge that he’s been there 
And may come again. 
Seeing or not seeing cease to matter, 
You have been prepared. 
But when you’ve almost stopped 
Expecting it, a flash of brightness 
Gives encouragement. 

- Prayer Is Like Watching For the Kingfisher – by Ann Lewin

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Rohr Thoughts....

I found this an interesting Rohr thought  

"I would not respect any God I could figure out with my limited, rational mind. St. Augustine said the same in the fifth century: "If you understand it, then it is not God" (Si comprehenderis, non est Deus)."

It reminded me of two other quotes I squirrelled away once!

"Doubt isn't the opposite of faith. It is an element of faith. Where there's absolute certainty, there can be no room for faith." Paul Tillich

"Complete religious certainty about God without any shadow of doubt is a sign of atheism. The God we think we know all about cannot be the true God, because God is always greater than our powers of comprehension" (Gerard Hughes)