Sunday, November 30, 2003

Mosaic of Diversity

Time for a quick blog - before I settle down to something really mindless.

Salvation Army ministry for anyone must be a mosaic of diversity, to me this week has represented one of extremes.

Beginning of the week saw me cleaning a pensioners bathroom and toilet so that the council would repair it. ("Why Christianity is Poop" came to mind - a great article on The end of the week saw me collect Georgio Armani, Hugo Boss and other designer clothes still packaged from "Berkeley Court" a conglomerate of multi-million pound apartments nestled under Canary Wharf over looking the Thames from it's lavishly prime site.

Today our worship concluded with a Taize prayer meeting for a mixture of people from our community - before I went on to a Nigerian wedding reception of one of our soldiers. Mine the only white face to be seen within a sea of national costume, thumping rhythms and foods never dreamt of.

I wonder how many SA officers in the world today had the cocktail of experiences I enjoyed? That's life in the Inner City - nothing is neatly packaged here - just a fabulous mosaic of diversity and life.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

my first blog

Well here we go my first blog! Where I will post my thoughts and theological reflections as I go about what I have been sent to by God as a Salvation Army officer within the intense Urban context of Poplar and the East End of London, UK.

Mission in the context of Missio Dei is what drives me. It has ever since I stumbled upon a Jurgen Moltmann observation:

“Evangelism is mission but mission is not merely evangelism” (Moltmann 1977).

Here was I led to believe that mission was a euphemism for evangelism, a trendy term for winning the world for Jesus - but it is so much more. My journey is about finding out more about Jesus, his life, his mission and how I can reflect that in my life to my community.

My mulling, musing and pondering probably - no certainly - will be of no consequence to anyone but it will be of every consequence to me!