Friday, September 28, 2012

Moving on from self... Lessons in prayer.

Each section of Howatch's Glamorous Powers has an interesting thought from a W.R. Inge the one time dean of St. Paul's (1911-1934). He makes the connection that prayer and meditation is 'contact with a spiritual reality which is not a projection of their own thought and will'

This is quite a challenge to a prayer life that is insular and motivated by self.  So stuck at a level crossing while waiting for 5 trains to pass through, the thoughts in my head this morning at 7:15 while rushing to The Royal Ballet School, were less a prayer and more a projection of my selfishness!

Your will be done - seems to be the secret!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Painful journey to our true self...!

'...that's what you want me to think, isn't it? That's what you want everyone to think. But why are you going to such lengths to create an identity which I suspect is a grossly exaggerated distortion of your true self?' 

Susan Howatch gets Jon Darrow to ask Miss Fielding a foundational spiritual formation question in her novel 'Glamorous Powers'. What an observation and insight to personality!

 'But why...?'  a painful question but full of momentum for those desiring growth!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The bible carrier...

His accent was thick, lyrical and Irish. His conversation a helpful distraction in a long day of collecting at Victoria, and memorable because I'd never met a bible carrier before.

"I carry bibles, in fact I train people to carry bibles" I'm impressed, he looks like he takes carrying bibles really seriously. His trousers are specially adapted and now I'm looking there are bibles protruding pretty much from everywhere.

"I've 80 on me now"

"80 - wow, you are well covered then!"

He smiles from under his two rucksacks "I guess I am"

As he walks off I couldn't help think my new bible carrying friend was a little heavy ladened!

I get back to collecting - and soon notice he is making the effort to return. "I forgot to show you my solar powered bible" he shouts Loud enough for most to hear and look.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

From the Guardian: The trouble with atheists: a defence of faith

I thought you might be interested in this link from the Guardian: The trouble with atheists: a defence of faith -

Thanks Paul for the heads up.

His argument could amount to feeling which is not too strong, although it did start me thinking about the dangers of trying to understand God in our image which of course is so easily caricatured!