Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The bible carrier...

His accent was thick, lyrical and Irish. His conversation a helpful distraction in a long day of collecting at Victoria, and memorable because I'd never met a bible carrier before.

"I carry bibles, in fact I train people to carry bibles" I'm impressed, he looks like he takes carrying bibles really seriously. His trousers are specially adapted and now I'm looking there are bibles protruding pretty much from everywhere.

"I've 80 on me now"

"80 - wow, you are well covered then!"

He smiles from under his two rucksacks "I guess I am"

As he walks off I couldn't help think my new bible carrying friend was a little heavy ladened!

I get back to collecting - and soon notice he is making the effort to return. "I forgot to show you my solar powered bible" he shouts Loud enough for most to hear and look.

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