Sunday, November 30, 2003

Mosaic of Diversity

Time for a quick blog - before I settle down to something really mindless.

Salvation Army ministry for anyone must be a mosaic of diversity, to me this week has represented one of extremes.

Beginning of the week saw me cleaning a pensioners bathroom and toilet so that the council would repair it. ("Why Christianity is Poop" came to mind - a great article on The end of the week saw me collect Georgio Armani, Hugo Boss and other designer clothes still packaged from "Berkeley Court" a conglomerate of multi-million pound apartments nestled under Canary Wharf over looking the Thames from it's lavishly prime site.

Today our worship concluded with a Taize prayer meeting for a mixture of people from our community - before I went on to a Nigerian wedding reception of one of our soldiers. Mine the only white face to be seen within a sea of national costume, thumping rhythms and foods never dreamt of.

I wonder how many SA officers in the world today had the cocktail of experiences I enjoyed? That's life in the Inner City - nothing is neatly packaged here - just a fabulous mosaic of diversity and life.

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