Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Margate 2005

“I’ve got radio-active poisoning from the sand…” Patrick isn’t in the best of moods today I guess if I thought I’d contracted radio-active poisoning from the church outing to Margate I wouldn’t be that happy either. I think back to last Saturday’s trip.

This year’s trip was good. People took the opportunity to invite friends, family members that we hadn’t met before. For some on the oldest 53 seater coach in East London the annual trip to the sea-side seems to be highlight of their year. I always feel guilty as I never seem that excited by the prospect. But this year the whole sense of church was really strong. The sense of community was really refreshing, uplifting.

As we sat huddled together sharing food and conversation in the rain we looked at other groups spaced out on the beach huddled together in that church outing kind of way. Two or three black churches and a Tamil church occupied the beach together while all other sensible people probably stayed at home. Once the rain stopped we had an amazing game of football. Heads turned. We were the centre of attention as people from the other groups watched. I thought it must have been out silky skills that drew their admiration and attention. Probably Brian a Nigerian was closer to the truth.

Beaming Brian enthusiastically points out “did you see that we were the only group that was not just black, that we are mixed? Did you notice that the other churches saw that as well?” Brian catches his breath from the game “Gordon I like that – I like it that we are mixed… it is the way it should be!”

Margate was great. Even the rain couldn’t spoil the sense of community that was ours. The only down point. Patrick got radio-active poisoning from the sand!

Back in our community lounge I sit having a cup of tea with Patrick.

“Patrick? I’m sorry you got radio-active poisoning ….”

Patrick looks up from his cup of tea “Don’t worry… I’ll get better... I’ve got some polo’s.... that'll do the trick!”

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Shrimpergarry said...

Good to hear that Patrick is on good form!

Bet you didn't take that picture last Saturday though!