Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A bit of sally bashing....

Came across a good bit of Sally bashing over at salvationsoldiers I have to say we try and make sure that everything we raise goes into projects that build local community in Poplar but hopefully if you read this blog you get that sense anyway.


rpiercy said...

Comment on Blog by Sara (

I found your blogger page... and I believe in freedom of speech, I truly do,
but I'm just wondering what The Salvation Army did to piss you off so much!

Granted there has been financial mismanagement past and present, but do you
really think that they are not doing enough already? A lot of their
mis-management has come from non-Christian employees who claim they know so
much more than the Christian employees yet have no heart for the people, so
all of the sudden money is being spent on things that just aren't necessary:
Like new IT programmes or the likes.

But there are Salvationists and officers and lay-staff members out there who
put their lives on the line day in and day out in the crappest parts of the
world (and by the world I mean western world as well as third world) busting
their balls for people who truly need it. Yes some of them get paid to do
it. But do you expect them to live with NO money? Many Salvation Army
Officers I've come in contact with are embarrassed about their houses,
especially those in churches who are working with needy people, but they are
also opening their homes to those who are in need.

I happen to know 5 Salvation Army workers at least who have been injured
doing work with people that no other charity will work with... one of them
was an officers kid I met when I was at school, and she was sexually abused
by someone her parents worked so hard to help... sexually abused at the age
of 7 years old. Yet her parents paid for her therapy out of their own money
to save The Salvation Army from having to do so.

In Australia, they are the one of only two charities who do not pay their
volunteers to collect money. They get Government funding so as to pay for
people's jobs and put more of the public's money into the work with the

They've helped me a great deal in my life. I'm just trying to understand
your disdain for them!

Please enlighten me.


To: Sara (

Hi, Sara!

I acknowledge your e-mail of today, 2/27/05.; I'm not sure I appreciate your characterization of my position, especially when you use the "p" word in describing my concerns as a critic. I've personally never cared for or used that word!

The Salvation Army has a tradition of providing some help to the poor and disenfranchised by dedicated Salvationist in selected areas of need. But said help is minimal.

In the present, it's apparent that events and policy leads principally to the enrichment of the organization. I believe that at least half of the $2.5 Billion (US$) donated is appropriated and used for the enhancement of the good life by employees, dedicated uniform wearing members, selected brass band hobbyists & their families.

When one considers the financial contributions by the public specifically given to help poor people, which are ultimately used for the Christian cult activities, music entities and beautiful homes/cars/travel, etc., it becomes abundantly clear that the words, "racketeering" & "wrongdoing" become a central part of the descriptive scenario.

Thanks for sending on your comments.

With every good wish,


rpiercy said...

In addition: I strongly object to the PR releases that fail to tell, or lies about where much of the money received actually ends-up! Further, in their appeals they stress that they help the poor, the unemployed and others, They mostly help those IN the Christian charity!

Gordon said...

Roger - the bulk of work that we do locally is within locality. Believe me the 100+ young people that access our youth club, the 60 meals a week for the elderly, breakfasts, work with excluded children, single parents - believe me does not represent "those IN the Christian charity!"

I guess you would just need to come and see it for yourself as I suspect you would only think that I was spinning the advertisers yarn.

rpiercy said...

I noted on an SA type blog that someone said, "lets pray for Linda Bond". Hmmmm! Why is that? Has she done something wrong??? Please tell!

-R. Piercy

Gordon said...

Rogers - I am totally comfortable with you adding the edge you do - in fact it has urged me to write to our THQ regarding financial accountability.

Equally I am totally comfortable with you making judgements about me or our efforts to make a difference in Poplar. I welcome critical analysis. In fact I was hoping to post my reply to your comments in some form - as you do over at your blog. Please keep visiting and commenting...


I'm not entirely sure how comfortable I am with you trying to peddle gossip on my blog.

I'm not entirely sure how comfortable I am with your assumption that Linda Bond has done something wrong.

If this is the level of discussion you wish to have perhaps you should enable comments on your own blog.

respectively yours

rpiercy said...

The central question about Linda, is, did she take any money from Mrs. Kroc, for her personal use???

Gordon said...

That is an amazing assertion - what grounds have to make such a claim?

I think that is the central question.

rpiercy said...

The question that remains: Why is it that the SA remains "in hiding" with regard to the departure of L. Bond??? Is she a lesbian, was she let-go due to wrongdoing of any kind??? Did she take money personally from late Mrs. Kroc? I sure think its reasonable for The Salvation Army to come clean with an honest response.

rpiercy said...


A little clarity is needed: I don't believe Linda is gay. But that rumor has surfaced among SA types. (officers and band types) Of course there are lesbian officer relationships on going in the SA.

The most viable possibility on her leaving the SA and the job, is some connection to the Kroc thing. Please send on any info concerning this matter.

With evey good wish to all SA types.


You SA folks sure have in good. G_d bless the good public giver, from whom all blessing flow.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the salvationsoldiers blog? Where'd it go?

Gordon said...

seems it has ben taken out of public domain which is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Was Linda Bond the executrix of Joan Kroc's estate?

Anonymous said...

I have just come across this website and i noticed the posting about Linda Bond. I know its a post going back in 2005 but it was about her departure from the salvation army. I think it was awful, the remarks that were left to why she could have left. I really think people need to get the facts right first before putting anything on websites. I must be honest my heart went out to her with the one remark/question that was why she left. Please be a bit more careful in what you say to whoever wrote it.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed by so many people speaking about things they no nothing about. Could I refer you the words of Paul to Timothy "Avoid godless, foolish discussions with those who oppose you with their so-called knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I am the Son of Salvation Army Officers I want to let you know tha General Linda Bond left her position and has come ou as a Gay woman now living with her lover.

I also want you to know this organization did not protect its Officers in particular those working with children's, aged care, mental health, drug and Alcohol rehab workers. In the past Salvation Army Officers who where underpaid, witty no training provided where just appointed and told it was Gods appointment , where thrown into jobs working like dogs with no support what so ever. now with the royal commission held in Australia the Salvation Army is still trying to keep its good name, still poorly managed with untrained Officers in their Headquarters making decisions, but trying to wipe their hands of its mistakes to those wonderful officers that worked for The Salvation Army underpaid and undertrained no oh&is policies.
I know how this very bad organization works and treats its retired Officers like rubbish shameful. Start looking after the people you underpaid for years please don't thank god for the Salvos and don't give money to an organization that misuses the money and leaves their own in the gutter