Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holiday reflections...

Had a good break in Devon - one major question that would not leave me - "is this August?"

Thoroughly enjoyed Dawlish Warren, Teignmouth and Shalden, the stainglass at Buckfast Abbey, playing on the dunes at Exmouth, cream teas in Dartmoor - meeting up with someone who really helped shape my mind at University - Professor Paul Cloke.

It was good to read and spend time with the family even though it rained 80-85% of the time!!

Whatever happened to the Augusts with sun?


Anonymous said...

The window at Buckfast Abbey is breathtaking!!! What a lovely place. Trust you are all well. Hope to catch up soon Sue Woodgate

Gordon said...

Absolutely - breathtaking is exactly what it was. Hope you are settling in ok; it'll be great to catch up soon.