Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunbury 2009...

Sunbury is a Salvation Army conference centre laced with history and is a fabulous setting. I've enjoyed the last couple of days catching up with the session that were commissioned last year.

While it hasn't been smooth sailing for everyone it was still good to hear stories of almost a year into ministry. It was good to see where pennies continue to drop; it was good to see real growth in confidence and self belief; it was good to kick a ball around in the evening sun!

I always enjoy going to Sunbury with so many memories from days gone by, some significant to my spiritual development but most centring on juvenile japes and pranks. I was in the very same room where with a bit of team work and a change of clocks and watches we managed to persuade a sleepy room mate that he was late to an early morning band rehearsal and laughed till it hurt when he ran out the room at 3.30am.

Oh yes - it is also where the General of TSA is elected!

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Matt Elsey said...

thanks for you input over the couple of days you were there. Say thanks to Kate for our chat to, it was really helpful.