Friday, September 25, 2009

jewish sites...

One of the perks of being at college is that there is always someone who has found a good resource that they want to share.

Here are some good sites that give insight to Jewish culture and help unlock something of the biblical narrative.

En-Gedi Resource centre
Follow the Rabbi
Hebrew streams
For 'a Taste of Torah' e-mail.

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Eleanor Burne-Jones said...

Interesting, I recommend Derek Leman's blog and podcast, He has also written a number of very helpful books.

For finding out how to welcome and include Messianic believers in Gentile churches I recommend people speak to someone like Dr Richard Harvey, lecturer at All Nations, or Adrian Glasspole (TSA background, now with CMJ). There are others around as well. Taking the trouble to find out carefully about the experiences of Messianic Jews in Gentile churches can help church leaders to create more inclusive and diversity celebrating congregations.

If people are interested in learning from the Jewish commentaries, on the Pentateuch in particular, then sites like Chabad and Aish are useful, along with many others.