Friday, November 20, 2009

Debbie Green...

Every church or institution needs people who are able to disarm inflated ego. Every church needs someone who is able to laugh at pomposity and all that points to that which is ridiculous. Every church needs someone who is able to uphold that which essential yet gently undermine any unnecessary distraction. Every church needs those equipped with holy disdain for all that is nonsense.

Add to that someone who was an example of bravery, tenacity; someone whose laugh rippled out bringing smiles to anyone caught in its wake. Someone who selflessly refused to think herself worse off than anyone, who dodged misplaced sympathy and you have some one who will be missed but will always be remembered with warmth and a smile.

Debbie will be remembered.

Personally I'll remember her for the way she took on the patronisation of a male dominated Winchester Cathedral ministerial fraternal with an extraordinary 'pah!' I'll remember her tumour induced frustration of not being able to get the right words out except to be able to ask for 'lots and lots of chocolate'. I'll remember her refusal to give in. I'll remember her lipstick and nails!

Debbie Green was a friend, neighbour, colleague and someone who will always remain an example of how to live and die.

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dad2theboyz said...

Thanks Gordon. That a gr8 tribute.