Friday, February 05, 2010

Shop front Ecclesiology

It is interesting what you see from the top deck of a 176. A bus ride down Walworth Road in London has thrown up an interesting observation. More and more shops seem to be bought by a burgeoning diversity of African churches. So sat on the top of the bus within a mile of each other we have:
  • Christ Arena - adding value to your life
  • Gethsemane
  • Mountain of Fire Ministries
  • Redeemed Church of God
  • Rock of Redemption
  • All nations evangelical church - Garden of Success
  • Power Church International Place for Divine Salvation
  • Holy Spirit Zone
All vying for position on the high street along Mark's and Spencer and Iceland!

Shop front ecclesiology I guess I all for, seems a good place for church to be. Not entirely sure I am comfortable with shop front mentality in church, it kind of erodes something of what is left of the authenticity of the gospel. I'm ever more convinced that the church is watched by more people than we realise - I wonder what we present?

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