Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nooma at Faith House....

I'm really missing FH at the moment, I haven't been able to go for a few weeks, namely with Kate being away in South Africa. Above all I am missing the impact of Rob Bell who makes an appearance each week at the end of the session courtesy of his Nooma series of video shorts.

A few weeks back we watch 003 Trees, I loved it, setting the whole concept of mission in its context of God's dream for his creation, a non platonic eschatology dominated by New Creation off set by Rob Bell planting two trees to signify the trees of life in Genesis and Revelation. As Rob Bell planted one tree followed by another cars drove past as he unpacked the two trees from the back of a pickup he unpacked for us and then planted strong themes of Life, Significance, Meaning, Eternity, Redemption.

The thing is there is nothing that would convince me that Rob as he planned, wrote and produced his video had the clientele in mind that make up FH. I would love to see him debriefing following the 10 minutes of thought provocation.

"So, how did you find that then...." Matt was facilitating discussion. The response was heated and not expected.

"I am so annoyed ... who does he think he is ... totally irresponsible" there was real heat in the room.

I sit up, all ears. Matt gently asks why.

"What kind of idiot would plant a tree like that .... no compost, no watering of the hole, no watering of tree afterwards, worst of all no stake to keep it upright .... terrible!"

Well he did have a point!!!

You should've been there for confusion, pandemonium that accompanied 005 Noise, you know the one that gets us to think 'Why is silence so hard to deal with?' by turning the TV off!!

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Graeme Smith said...

Not sure we'll have the same thing happen here in Dartford when we start showing them for Bible Study! BTW we managed to get all the Nooma's for £90 inc postage a month or so ago!

Hope you're all well!