Thursday, November 11, 2010

Staney Hauerwas...

I really enjoyed listening to Stanley Hauerwas a few weeks ago introducing the concept behind his latest book 'Hannah's Child'. He describes it as a theological memoir where he hopes to write in such a way as to express the development of his theological thinking; integrating a theological reflection that avoids piousness or as he describes it the hateful language of interiority. I'm sure the swearing theologian has a head start on this and I couldn't help but buy the book. Here are some of the snippets and gems I got to write down.

"I'm not a natural Christian, God doesn't come easily to me ... But I've learned to stand in awe of people for whom God is just there. "

"The question is how can Christians be interesting enough that people want to talk to us?"

"the relationship between christology and ecclesiology is an important area of theological conversation"

"secular society is not interested in liberal theology it sees it as nihilism lite"

"we need to see greed for what it is for us, it is important as it dominates our lives. We are morally implicated to be greedy in order up make economies work. ... We need to diagnose the world in order to renegotiate the world. "

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