Thursday, May 05, 2011

Just a bit of fun.

Here's my cabinet based on the short questionnaire.

You took the Political Animal quiz on, and your personalised cabinet of political characters was:

William Wilberforce

You basically accept that Christian political action will be necessary on all fronts if we are going to have a fair and righteous society. The law should reflect both Godly moral foundations and practical concern for the poor. This approach is epitomised by the campaigning parliamentarian William Wilberforce, who led the drive to abolish the slave trade and restore the 'manners' (ie moral foundations) of Britain.

Oliver Cromwell

The most committed political activist needs to recognise that there are limits to what can be achieved by politics alone. Ideals can too easily become idols, and some things will never change without an inward work of salvation in people's lives. Puritan parliamentarian leader Oliver Cromwell used the power of the state and military force to pursue his vision of a fairer and more Godly society, but is often accused of oppression and brutality in the process.


You believe that Christians should be passionate advocates for social justice using every means at their disposal, including political ones. 'Saint Bono of Dublin' has used his massive public profile as a rock singer to campaign for international humanitarian causes, especially in Africa. His faith in Jesus has led him on a journey that has influenced politicians and presidents around the world.

A little worried that Cromwell crept in - sorry to my Irish friends!

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