Monday, July 04, 2011

St Katherine's Foundation - Retreat Day

Every year we have a retreat day for teh session aboput to be commissioned, so it was the Ambassadors of Holiness' turn to spend a day in the urban oasis that is The Royal Foundation of St. Katharine, at Limehouse in East London.

One of the reflective exercises was to spend time in the Beatitudes and to paraphrase it. With a bit of inspiration from Pungente, J. J., & Williams, G. B. (2004). Finding God in the dark: taking the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius to the movies. this is my effort.

Complete are they who have the right opinion and no illusion of themselves for they know how to live.
Complete are they who are at ease with their vulnerability for they will not be trapped in a fear of living.
Complete are those letting go of the dead in their lives for they will experience the abundance of new life.
Complete are those who know not only 'what' and 'whom' to love but also 'how' to love for they will experience fullness.
Complete are those whose compassion has no aims nor seeks reward for they in turn will understand the absurdity of this love.
Complete are they emptied of self for they will be shaped by completeness itself.
Complete are they who exist to model all that hate and domination isn't, for they resemble their god of reconciliation.
Content are they who are derided and mocked for their longing to be kingdom shaped
for they will know what it is to live.
Completeness is yours when you continue to live a life of abundance in the face of those that abuse, deride and try to dominate you. Be content knowing that you live in God's dimension.

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