Sunday, September 18, 2011

The subversion of Christianity ...

Not the easiest of reads as Ellul hits hard illustrating the means and way Christianity has been subverted and fabricated. He points to the many contradictions between the bible and the practice of the church as scripture has been reinterpreted by culture and times in their own nature.

Lots of quotes noted down - here's one...
Our God is a God of beginnings. There is in him no redundancy or circularity. Thus, if his church wants to be faithful to his revelation, it will be completely mobile, fluid, renascent, bubbling, creative, inventive, adventurous, and imaginative. It will never be perennial, and can never be organised or institutionalised.

Ellul, J. (1986: 157). The subversion of Christianity . Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans.

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