Friday, March 16, 2012

A holiness to be lived out in mission...

From TSA's Handbook of Doctrine

The holy life is expressed through a healing, life-giving and loving ministry. It is the life of Christ which we live out in mission. God sanctifies his people not only in order that they will be marked by his character, but also in order that the world will be marked by that character. God changes the structures of society through a variety of means, but he changes them through the mission of his sanctified people, empowered and gifted by his Holy Spirit. The mission of God’s holy people encompasses evangelism, service and social action. It is the holy love of God, expressed in the heart and life of his people, pointing the world to Christ, inviting the world to saving grace, serving the world with Christ’s compassion and attacking social evils. Holiness leads to mission

(The Salvation Army, 2010: 198).

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Phil said...

So true. I love being in the Army because of it's practical expression of the Christian faith that comes out of it's spiritual relationship with God. I see many churches that also follow this model but far too many that either keep their spiritual life as a private affair amongst themselves or practice mission as a hobby on the side.