Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Thank You Card...

I'm working up some ideas in James 2:1-17 for next week, and find myself looking at the strength of 'love your neighbour as yourself'.

There's a bright pink card on the desk addressed to everyone at The Salvation Army. It simply says thank you on the outside, on the inside more profoundly it says 'I'd been lost without your help and support'. Half an hour ago a friendly face popped his head around the office door. 'Just checking you got the card...'

He explains what it was to be homeless in Sutton and what it was to be loved by SuttonSA. He explains that at his loneliest and most vulnerable the doors were open with a smile, support and interest. He explains how life is on the up and that he now has hope. He leaves saying he'll be back in on Monday to say hello!

In my experience a thank you card in these circumstances is rare. I watch him cross the road and walk towards the town, grateful for the interruption.

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