Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lyrics for Remembrance forward...!

Thanks Matt Spencer for sharing this .... God!

As with silent hearts we bring to mind
 how hate and war diminish humankind,
we pause - and seek in worship to increase
our knowledge of the things that make for peace.

 Hallow our will as humbly we recall
the lives of those who gave and give their all.
We thank you, Lord, for women, children, men
who seek to serve in love, today as then.

Give us deep faith to comfort those who mourn,
 high hope to share with all the newly born,
strong love in our pursuit of human worth:
 'lest we forget' the future of this earth.

So, Prince of Peace, disarm our trust in power,
 teach us to coax the plant of peace to flower.
 May we, impassioned by your living Word,
 remember forward to a world restored.

 Fred Kaan

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