Thursday, May 15, 2014

Healthy Church #intro ...

Here at suttonsa the leadership team have been considering important questions that surround what constitutes being a healthy church. Robert Warren's book 'The Healthy Church Handbook' has been a useful companion, while not purporting to having all the answers his research has presented a useful framework for discussion. 

I first came across his material while teaching at William Booth College and found it a refreshing, alternative means of theologically reflecting on the life of the church, without being swamped by success by measurement, strategy by 'key performance indicators' and other 'borrowed' idioms that are as easily applied to selling more baked beans than your competitors at a supermarket!

Asking what would you expect to find in a healthy church was a good starting point, and interesting to find some common ground with Warren's material, most of what we brainstormed could be identified. Consequently working through the '7 Mark's' has helped develop a profile of who we are, and where we are as a church, giving opportunity to explore our strengths while looking at areas that may represent a challenge as we move forward. 

Capturing and processing my thoughts here will help me and I hope offer a means of wider involvement should you wish!

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