Tuesday, January 13, 2015

two alternating mediocrities of knowing...

The daily meditations from Richard Rohr seem to have taken a step up, and seem to take more chewing over, but his key thought this week is a good one to chew on. In encouraging his readers to find "a healthy middle" he distinguishes between "two alternating mediocrities of knowing..."

"all heart and little head (lacking rational, historical, scientific grounding) or all head and little heart (lacking inner experience and true love). We need head and heart, grounded in our physical and sensory body, for a holistic and mature faith".

Adapted from Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self,pp. 70-71; and Things Hidden: Scripture As Spirituality, pp.13-14

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Eleanor said...

Good stuff! Though I think I've learned in accompanying others that some are naturally much stronger in one area than the other, and can be frustrated and distracted by 'trying to change' if that makes sense. Trying to 'be someone different' can become a burden. In my own experience I've tended to move from one to the other and back at different times, as needs drive it. Perhaps another aspect of that guidance is the need to not be driven in how we live spiritually by demands of our circumstances.