Friday, August 07, 2015

The Poisonwood Bible (1998), by Barbara Kingsolver,

Latest book tackled by the Suttonsa book group was Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible.

Fascinating insight to the Congo of the 1960's and the impact of Nathan Price's narrow fundamentalist missionary thinking on his family. His alter ego Brother Fowles having identified that there are Christians and then there are Christians has this to say about creation.

"When I want to take God at his word exactly, I take a peep out the window at CreationBecause that, darling, He makes fresh for us every day without lot of dubious middle managers." 

~ Brother Fowles

It resonated with another quote I read recently 

"Having a narrow opinion from a narrow set of information is only natural. What mucks it all up when a narrow set of information is assumed to be wider than it is."

~ Jef Rouner (No it's not your  opinion, you are just wrong)

It also got me thinking about the difference between faith and superstition and the thin line that exists between the two. 

Mixed response to the book by the group, but I really enjoyed my second trip through the book.

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