Thursday, December 17, 2015


I've been thinking about different leadership styles recently, not least the Baby Boomer generation. So I was intigued this morning with Richard Rohr's thoughts based on psychologist Ken Wilber  more here

"Boomeritis." It's the disease that the Baby Boomers like myself are likely to have, but just can't see. A combination of arrogance and individualism keeps people trapped at this "Mean Green" level. It seems we have just enough enlightenment to reject everybody below us as naïve, and at the same time we can't imagine anyone being smarter than we are. The mystical, non-dual levels look ridiculous to academic and sophisticated Greens. Wilber also calls this "flatland" because it's contemptuous of both higher and lower levels. Mean Green people will not let go of either their separateness or superiority. Their ego is still in charge.

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