Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Explore - A closer look atFaith Development.... Friday 6 May ****7:30pm****

I'm looking forward to our next 'Explore'. Note the change of time to 7:30pm

Ever wondered about how and why your faith develops and matures? Often people think they are moving away from God when in fact, their faith is maturing. The irony being that while people feel they are losing their faith they are actually finding it!

So together using Janet Hagberg's The Critical Journey, a closer look at Faith Development is an opportunity to for us to explore this together. Nothing intimidating just a short presentation, a bit of conversation and a picture of a tree!

To whet your appetite here is a quote...

“In each of us a wide mixture of behaviour both wise and unwise, healthy and unhealthy, appears.... when that behaviour begins to dominate or when we become obsessed with how we need to behave or how others need to behave, then we have a clear sign that we are becoming caged. Another sign of stuckness is having to be right and convincing others of our rightness.... rightness becomes more important than the journey.”

 Hagberg, J. O. (2004). The Critical Journey, Stages in the Life of Faith.

Explore - A closer look atFaith Development.... Friday 6 May ****7:30pm****

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