Thursday, August 04, 2016

Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 Memories!

Top Moments (in no particular order)
  • Being surprised by Kate and Eryn together with the Pirie clan as we returned through Kingston - Gordy!
  • The last 50km all the way back from Box Hill - the best cycling I have experienced.
  • Seeing Ashley flying along at our rendezvous at Tower Hill - I'm not stopping!
  • Being cheered on by Adrian and Gill in Dorking
  • Getting to the top of Leith Hill and having someone thank me for getting him up - cheers fella!
  • Phil Wall's monumental fist pumping encouragement with Raynes Park SA
  • Sharing all 100 miles with nephew Adam, including my worst
  • Arriving at the top of Box Hill to be greeted by Neil, Ashley and Mark - chased them down at last
  • Turning into the Mall being cheered through by Juster's, knowing we had made it in time - just!
  • Cycling out through empty London Streets
  • Cyclist banter
  • Getting told off by Adam for being irresponsible going down a roller on A25 - 
Low Moments 
  • Unfortunate accidents and the congestion aftermath
  • 80km-110km - busted
  • Cramp at Newlands Corner
  • The prospect of not getting back in time and getting diverted or swept up
  • Being stood with 1000's of cyclists realising we weren't even half way round
  • Getting annoyed with a woman at the end who refused to let me have some water :)
Loved most of this experience, really grateful to those who supported financially, pleased to say that I raised over £1000 for The Salvation Army.

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