Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Funky Army...

Whether another William Booth urban myth or not - I read this in 'The Officer' (an internal SA mag) and thought it and Richard Munn's application and comments a timely reminder.

"I've heard it said that in Victorian London every Christmas, the churches sent clergy onto the streets inviting the poor to Christmas festivities.

As the crowds gathered for this annual display of kindness the Anglican representatives declared: 'All of you who are Church of England come with us.' The Methodists proclaimed 'All of you who are Methodist, come with us.' And the other denominations similarly announced: 'Whoever belongs to us, come with us.'

Finally, when all the churches had made their various invitations and a large number of people were still standing about, William Booth would shout: 'All of you who belong to no one, come with me.'"

Richard Munn comments:

"Fads come and go, trends ebb and flow and times change, but some needs are timeless. Sanctified pragmatism and hearts overflowing with love will invariably meet fundamental human needs."

Munn, R (2004) 'Funky Army' in The Officer Nov/Dec pp 30-31. TSA IHQ

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