Thursday, November 04, 2004

I saw Mr Singh Today…

I’ve seen Mr Singh in all kinds of conditions. I’ve seen him beaten up. I’ve seen him scared. I’ve seen him angry. I’ve seen him desperate. I’ve seen him with no hope. We battled to get him into accommodation and apart from one brief visit we haven’t seen him for months. (giving hope; I went looking for Mr Singh; Mr Singh came into today; Mr Singh at last!).

Well I saw Mr Singh today in the market. I saw Mr Singh today and he looked great. I saw Mr Singh today he was clean, smart. I saw Mr Singh today and his pride is back. Seems he and his wife are back together, seems he has given up his drinking ways, seems that his life is back on track.

For one small part of his life, when life for him couldn’t get worse – we journeyed together. For one small part of his life when he had nowhere to go we were what he needed.

I saw Mr Singh and he seemed pleased to see me too.

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