Friday, November 17, 2006

Blog lite....

Has the medium of blogging reached its end for me? For a while I thought it had.

I'm missing the way of life that threw interesting characters and stories my way, I'm missing the lessons I learn from the unexpected, I'm missing the variety that was our daily life. However, I know what I must do and hopefully in the New Year if everything comes together I'll be involved in a project which will energise me in ways that I have missed.

Hopefully soon we will be in our permanent accommodation and will be able to disappear to work thoughts through- when Eastenders et al take precedence in our lounge.

But until then URBANarmy is not dead! More hibernating!! with the odd appearance.


Roz Lynch said...

good to hear it...btw what colour knitted toilet roll cover would u like for a house warming gift?

Anonymous said...


Different environment - different experiences. I do miss your stories and reflections on them.

However, will keep tuned for your next advetnture wherever that may take you.

We are on the move soon also, new appointment in January back to Melbourne in mainland Australia - very different to where we are at present so waiting to see what God has in store.

God Bless you and I will stay tuned


Stephen said...

Rest assured we will do our best to be the interesting characters you crave! I take up the challenge - expect the unexpected!
In the meantime please take some encouragement that your ministry, even to people that may not surprise you much, is appreciated. As Nemo said, "Just keep swimming!"

Steve Bussey said...

Hi Gordon,

Long time it's been since chatting - I have been off blogging since this past September. My wife and I took over directorship of our school and the guilty pleasure of blogging has had to become a back-burner experience!

It's good to see you're still doing this. I always find your posts inspiring. I noted Al Roxburgh's new book you edited on the Rubicon and thought I'd check out URBANarmy.

Have a great Christmas season!

Steve Bussey