Monday, November 27, 2006

wally the worship leader....!

"Where there's Wally there is worship..."

This could be the answer, the next step on from midi players and CD backing tracks. Go check Wally out at TheChurchYouKnow.

Wally's Features:
  • You can always worship, even if no one in your small group can play guitar
  • Worships in 'upbeat' or 'slow' modes
  • Fully animatronic with moving mouth, strumming hand, and flexible hip joints
  • Folds into a suitcase
  • Programmable phrases like "Praise Him church" and "Let's give the Lord some applause"
  • Can play on endless loop (while plugged in)
  • Currently only sings, "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever"
Find out more here

Thanks Neil for an amusing link!
Thanks Ian for the picture


Roz said...

I can see him fitting in in Poplar...but do they have any Youthworker versions...with perhaps interchangable heads like the ...counsellor head (no sound just listens and nods)...or the bouncer head (raised eyebrow and attachable bulky shoulders) or the political activist head (flowers in hair & placard in one hand and camcorder in other) or the activity head(with a hard drive full of games/activites accessible at the push of a button) or the Fundraiser Head (can read minds of funders and works out what to write on forms to get funds & how to make people part with money in jumble sales)...ok I got carried away but...if only.

Anonymous said...

Of course what makes this funny is really quite sad...

I remember years ago 'Buzz Magazine' (I think it turned into 21st Century Christian) advertised praise props that strapped to your waist and held up your arms when you got tired (Moses could have used those!). It was a April fool stunt but guess what - they got orders!

Railton had a similar problem back in 1894 with SP&S!

Love and prayers


Anonymous said...

I like the pirate mode, this is very Penzance.

(Except of course we don't need any help, as the Cornish make wonderful music!)
Eleanor n/TSSF

Anonymous said...

thats hilarious, do they do a brass band too???

jacki said...

wow, lol. I think that is one of the funniest things I have seen today

Anonymous said...

That made me chuckle!
God bless
Maria in the UK