Friday, May 15, 2009

Shalom the invisible thread...

I wonder why I am still watching Heroes - I'm not sure how many times I can cope with the world being saved, however appealing Hiro may be! However, just as I am about to give up a new twist sucks me back in.

Mohinder's narratives are worth listening to at the beginning and the end of the episodes. The final episode of this season finished with Mohinder talking about what connects us in community. Why? I'm not sure, but nevertheless well written

We are all connected. Joined together by an invisible thread, infinite in its potential and fragile in its design. Yet while connected, we are also merely individuals. Empty vessels to be filled with infinite possibilities. An assortment of thoughts, beliefs. A collection of disjointed memories and experiences. Can I be me without this? Can you be you? And if this invisible thread that holds us together were to sever, to cease, what then? What would become of billions of lone, disconnected souls? Therein lies the great quest of our lives. To find. To connect. To hold on. For when our hearts are pure, and our thoughts in line, we are all truly one. Capable of repairing our fragile world, and creating a universe of infinite possibilities.
The invisible thread...?


IanH said...

I stopped watching Heroes largely due to Mohinders pre- and post-episode drivel. I can understand the individual words but he puts them together into imponderable sentences. Reminds me of some of your posts. ;-)

Gordon said...

You are so encouarging..! It must be your super human gift - watch out I'll tell Sylar where to find you!