Thursday, October 22, 2009

Officers' Councils 2009...

I thoroughly enjoyed making connections in my mind while at Swanwick for Officers' Councils while exploring the them of Kingdom Ambition. The sessions were all really stimulating in one way or another and very helpful as we looked for anchor points in understanding the Kingdom.

  • I got thinking about the shift from selfishness to selflessness that scripture calls for and models.
  • How grace is the framework for the alternative way of living that Kingdom is all about.
  • How Kingdom Ambition is really to live as a conscious contradiction to the way of the world.
  • How the Rich Young Ruler who sought to be perfect found maturity and completeness in moving out and beyond self.
  • How Zaccheus moved from motives of self to that of hospitality and giving.

It was great to hear something of Booth's developing theology rather than hearing what for me has become an empty rallying call based on isolated quotes left outside of this theology. To hear something of the broadening of Booth's grasp of Salvation and its implication on Kingdom living shaping contemporary mission was heartening. I left wanting more.


Graeme Smith said...

Any of this available other than to those able to go to Councils?

Gordon said...

Graeme - this is want the sessions stimulated in me, so they are my thoughts :o) Apart from the TC's keynote speech which is going to be sent out to people - there was no mention.

Graeme said...

Would love to chat about your thoughts then at some point. Particularly the bits about selflessness etc as they resonate a lot with me too!

IanH said...

>this is want the sessions stimulated in me, so they are my thoughts

You mean this is what you were day-dreaming about when you should have been paying attention!

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