Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas - What no Bob...!

Christmas has felt a little different this year.

It still had all the carolling, even in our street in the snow with a random drummer who turned up to play. Still thoroughly enjoyed the tension of Christmas dinner at Southwark SA with the mix of inner city characters that turn up every year. Playing guitar to the carols for the Christmas Day service while running out to check on the veg, keeping an eye on two heroin smokers and a huge dog is something Gordon Ramsey didn't have to do this year!

But for me two things have been missing. No Bob! No TV (as such!). Christmas day without Bob trying to be funny or whingeing about the custard is a bit like Christmas without tinsel!

Getting through Christmas having only watched highlights on BBC iplayer has meant that my annual Christmas rant about TV Licence, Sky, not like the old days etc... has disappeared. While I haven't missed the TV, I hope Bob is alright!


Incidently thoroughly enjoyed Top Gear and Sting in Durham Cathedral. Anything else I should be looking out for?

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Estelle said...

he said he was going to Southwark but he may have gone to Crisis and yes Sting in Durham was great!