Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One in the eye for X factor

"The X Factor has had a monopoly over the Christmas Number One but there is a real buzz about Rage Against The Machine," William Hill's Rupert Adams said. "We might just have the biggest upset in Christmas chart history!"
I can't help but be drawn to the subversion of the Cowell induced Mariahfication of music, the thumb in the eye to the unrelenting blandness of X- factor! I'm definitely certain that the lyrics of the song aren't something I particularly want on my iPod, but I can't help but like the slapping down of the kind of smugness that expects a Christmas number one. There is something within me that wants to cheer on the potential unwinding of the outright manipulation that has been Saturday night TV for months.

All this following a Facebook campaign to have Rage Against the Machine take the Christmas top spot break X Factor’s festive monopoly. Apparently William Hill have been forced to suspend all bets.

Simon Cowell says this defiance to his 'music machine' is stupid!

I'd love it...!


Graeme said...

I was pulled towards this idea until I remembered this particular song from its original release in the early 1990's. Unfortunately, as the anarchy anthem it is it finishes with a tirade of foul and abusive language that is far from what I would want as the Christmas No 1.

Bring back proper Christmas songs!!!

Matt Elsey said...

I can't stand the x factor, it does my head in. Why people buy into it is beyond me. However, I still feel I need to watch it. Guess it would be good Faith in Context material!

My observation thi syear has been that is taht there was not actually that much x factor (apart from Jedwood). They were all wuite boring and offered nothing that we havn't seen before.

I to hope rage against the machine reaches number one, I am almost tempted to download it, even though I have never heard the song. I for one will not be buying the xfactor song. I aslo have to add that the Charity song that they did, although I am sure it was done with good intentions, can't be anything thtan positive marketing!

The rich get richer....before our very eyes.


Gordon said...

You're right Graeme - it certainly isn't a song that I wany my Mum finding on my iPod!! So wont be buying it - they are about to play it on radio 5 so there will be a radio edition.

I heard on the radio this morning that Simon Cowell will be making money whatever is number one - he has a stake in the record company of Rage!!

You have to hand it to him he is a clever bloke - I'm thinking of setting up a direct debit to him to cut out the middleman and maintain his bank balance!!