Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flawed Sentiment...

You can tell that Jim is a big drinker, one thing you can't tell is how old he is. You can see a glint in his eye, while the street may be a rough place he enjoys life. He brought a book in tonight for a volunteer who he thought would benefit from reading it.

Shane Claibourne's 'The Irresistible Revolution', Matthew clearly touched flicked through the pages. With a sigh he turns to us and says "I can't have it ... he has stolen it from a library!"

After another closer examination .... "it's from a Quaker library, I'll have to return it!"

Trying to encourage him to read the book I hear myself say...

"...don't worry they wont say a word!!"

Clearly something flawed in the sentiment, but nevertheless compelling. There was something more compelling from Jim. He prayed for us tonight, the staff and volunteers, he sobbed his gratitude to God for somewhere to go.

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Paula said...

I love this - a man expressing gratitude and love but in an imperfect way. Praise God he has somewhere to go.