Thursday, September 16, 2010

Urban Forum: Dependence or Dignity?

Geoff Ryan is asking for the word to be put out! Here is the word, consider it out!

A reminder that the fourth Urban Forum is taking place this coming January. This time it will take place in downtown Toronto, Canada as a partnership project between The Salvation Army and Church Planting Canada (

The dates are January 26-29, 2011 and the theme is Dependence or Dignity? From Service Provision to Community Development.

The Forum website is updated with the schedule of events and information on speakers and presenters, registration form, payment and contact details and a downloadable PDF of the promotional poster.

Please pass the word along to people in your networks who would be interested and find the Forum helpful in their ministry. I'm hoping we see a sizeable, mutli-tribe turnout in January.

1 comment:

Chris Heward said...

Looks really good - definitely an important emphasis to have, shifting from 'hand out' to 'hand up'.

The whole being in Canada thing might make it difficult for me to get there though :) Would be interesting to hear of anything good that emerges from it.