Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hagberg on Faith Development 4/6

Summary of Stage 4 - The Journey Inward - unsettles us

The fact that faith development becomes more about rediscovering God is unsettling. The process of unlearning and relearning comes through the emergence of a life of faith crisis. The certainities of life and faith are lost and once daely held answers no longer provide direction. The pursuit of personal integrity in relation to God causes the paradox and ambiguity of God being released from the box alongside an apparent loss of faith.

Moving on from here involves embracing the paradox and at the very least being open to the possibility of allowing for a new certainty in God. The search for self that has dominiated needs to be recogised for what it is, and moving away from ego dominated thinking opens the meaning of the true cost of obedience. While reflection is important, the consumption of self centred assesment and constant pride fueled questioning imobilises people. The letting go of spiritual ego and accepting God's purpose for our lives outside of the filter which is our opinion, represents the starting point of seeking wholeness through personal healing and pilgramage and moving forward.

Hagberg, J. O. (2004). The Critical Journey, Stages in the Life of Faith, Second Edition (2nd ed.). Salem, WI: Sheffield Publishing Company pp 110

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