Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Independent -- Johann Hari: The plan to save Ed Miliband

I saw this article from The Independent and thought it might be of interest to you

I am worried about Ed Miliband. I backed him to be leader of the Labour Party. I badly want him to beat David Cameron at the next general election. But here's my problem. He has been leader of the Labour Party for six months now, and my mother, my father, my brother and my sister – all normal British people on average or lower incomes who swing between parties – haven't noticed him yet. He hasn't said or done anything that has jutted into their stressed and busy lives. They have no thoughts about him at all. And there's a more worrying postscript still. There isn't yet a single five-minute clip I could send them of Miliband where they would consistently understand what he was saying, or identify with it.

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