Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lost Lyrics - Peace in our time

Familiarity hopefully has not bred contempt with the words of SASB 827 penned by John Oxenham (1852-1941). Singing them while reflecting on the concept of shalom and how it underpins a way of life refered to as kingdom, brings this great hymn to life. Singing them while reflecting upon how we can make others a priority in life is challenging. Seems to me this song, while the language a little old, grasps something of the significance of relationship as to how the world could be a better place through us all.

Peace in our time, O Lord,
To all the peoples - peace!
Peace surely based upon thy will
And built in righteousness.
Thy power alone can break
The fetters that enchain
The sorely stricken soul of life,
And make it live again.

Too long mistrust and fear
Have held our souls in thrall;
Sweep through the earth, keen Breath of Heaven,
And sound a nobler call!
Come, as thou didst of old,
In love so great that men
Shall cast aside all other gods
And turn to thee again.

O shall we never learn
The truth all time has taught,
That without God as architect Our building comes to naught?
Lord, help us, and inspire
Our hearts and lives that we
May build, with all thy wondrous gifts,
A Kingdom meet for thee.

Peace in our time,
O Lord, To all the peoples - peace!
Peace that shall build a glad new world,
And make for life's increase.
O living Christ, who still Dost all our burdens share,
Come now and dwell within the hearts
Of all men everywhere.

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Garry said...

Love this song - one of my favourites. In fact we had it at our wedding.