Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Gods and Men...

This is a film that I know I'll watch again.

A true and moving story of the monks living, working and praying at The Monastery Notre-Dame de l'Atlas of Tibhirine. Rather than run from the threat of Civil War and terroism they stayed loyal to their simple life of service to the poor community they lovingly served.

I don't want to spoil the film for anyone but be certain to follow the narrative - nothing is wasted, every sentence seems to be there for a reason.

Here's an example of a a monk reading at a meal as the other monks ate.

"Accepting our powerlessness and our extreme poverty is an invitation, an urgent appeal to create with others relationships not based on power. Recognizing my weaknesses, I accept those of others. I can bear them, make them mine in imitation of Christ.
Such an attitude transforms us for our mission. Weakness in itself is not a virtue, but the expression of a fundamental reality which must constantly be refashioned by faith, hope and love.

The apostles’ weakness is like Christ’s, rooted in the mystery of Easter and the strength of the spirit. It is neither passivity nor resignation. It requires great courage and incites one to defend justice and truth and to denounce the temptation of force and power.

End of Article....

...New Article – By Carlo Carretto, “The God Who is Coming”

Often throughout my life I’ve wondered how God could act so strangely. Why does he stay silent so long? Why is faith so bitter?"

Study guides also available - here
Great Film.

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