Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How is my neighbour...

This looks like it will be well worth booking in for

How is my neighbour

@ The Salvation Army, Sutton

Across our communities trust is eroding, stress is increasing and inequality is on the up. How do we love our neighbours when we don’t know who or how they are? This day is to be the start of a conversation about how Christians can act creatively to increase the ‘livability’ of our communities.

 The day will include:

  •  Plenary session on a theology of Livable communities and rediscovering shalom in the 21st Century. 
  • 8 inspiring presentations on models of intervention to increase wellbeing in our communities. 
  • A 60 minute taster of Livability’s new Happiness Course for community groups 
  • An exciting and interactive exhibition of organizations with resources to help your work Creative networking opportunities throughout the day 
  • Tools for you to take away and utilise in your own context 

"How is my neighbour?" is a huge question and the title of a new conference led by Livability. With over 160 years experience working with disabled and disadvantaged people we see more than ever the need to really ask this question holistically in our communities. More than just asking the question though we need an integrated theology and strategic interventions rather than just random projects if we want to help local people bring about lasting community change. We have created this event to be a resource and would be delighted if you could join with us, help our learning and encourage a movement.

Please see below for the event blurb and booking information.

Let me know if you would like any further information. If this isn't for you or you can't make this particular event please FWD to someone else.

Thanks a lot, Adam

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