Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Please tell those strangers thank you!

There seems to be wrapping papers and gifts all around the hall wherever you look. Some donated by our Sunday worshipping community, but equally loads of gifts have been given from those we share with during the week. An army of wrappers await sthe mamouth wrap tonight. All caught up with the spirit of giving something, of doing something, for the unknown.

It is the narratives behind the wrapping paper that make the simple giving of a gift sacramental. The stories of mattresses on the floor without bed clothes, parents struggling with addictions while the children go without, stories that could be right next door behind the pretense of a tired holly wreath on the door.

Being a small part of giving while anonymous and distant felt immense last Sunday. A simple phrase used to relay thanks through the social services acute family need coordinator. "Please tell those strangers thank you!"

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