Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The phone call...

The phone rang and I picked it up. The distressed voice was familiar, it wasn't long before I wished I hadn't picked up!

"I don't know what to do.... I don't know what to do .... please come I need help"

The distress grew ... on both ends of the phone.

"There is a terrible mess here and I just can't cope ... there's dog poo everywhere...!"

The growing realisation that I needed to go, equalled with a deep regret that I picked up the phone instead of Kate began to consume me. I looked appealingly as Kate heard my side of the conversation. "dog poo... everywhere ... mess on the bed ... can you wait till your support worker ... no ..."

"would it help if I came ...!" My voice almost whispering in hope that it wouldn't be heard.

The relief was palpable. I'm glad he heard!

I left with the full backing of Kate armed with rubber gloves, bacterial spray and a monster kitchen roll!

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