Saturday, March 01, 2014

Touching the holy.... 1/5

Every now and then I read one of those books that I worry I might forget bits that made an impression upon me. These books represent more than mere opinion, clever talk they represents something that speaks deep within. Robert Wick's 'Touching the holy : ordinariness, self-esteem, and friendship' is one such book. I want to capture some of its comfort and challenge so will park some quotes and thoughts here over the next couple of weeks...

Here are two quotes to set the scene.

Due to our lack of complete trust in God's revelation that we are made in the divine image and likeness, most of us get caught up in trying to be extra ordinary. We become insecure and are tempted to rest our sense of self on something less than God's love for us. As a result we waste our energy worrying about whether we are liked, respected, effective, or as good as other people. 15

If only we would properly attend to God's gifts to us and in us! Then self awareness and healthy self love could form a positive circle of spiritual self-esteem and ultimately be a source of strength for others as well as ourselves. Will we have the trust to do this? Will we take the time? 25

Wicks, R. (1992) Touching the holy : ordinariness, self-esteem, and friendship

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