Sunday, March 16, 2014

Touching the Holy.... 2/5

"Personal awareness of self before a loving God is also important because it helps self confidence to grow and be more resistant to the assaults of failure or rebuff. Thus, it allows our character to develop and it enables the presence of God with in us to be felt in a good way by others. It is not that we forget or deny our faults; rather, we are better able to put them into perspective instead of being crushed by them."25

Wicks's then outlines a helpful checklist that he calls , 'principles of self-respect and clarity': 

1. When I have made a mistake or feel anxious, I need to separate what I have done from who I am. 
2. When I feel badly about myself as a person, I must see if I am embracing an irrational belief about myself. I need to take a distressful  feeling as an opportunity to uncover style of thinking and believing that undermines my self-respect or desire to understand and correct my behaviour. ... 76 


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