Monday, February 09, 2015

Finding the Golden Thread...

Here is what I am chewing over today.....

Richard Rohr is saying some interesting things about engaging with scripture, quoting Madeleine L'Engle he points to a 'common religious confusion' that comes from when people confuse partial and passing knowledge with eternal truth.

"Truth is eternal. Our knowledge of it is changeable. It is disastrous when you confuse the two"

He continues saying:

"We can only safely read Scripture--it is a dangerous book--if we are somehow sharing in the divine gaze of love. A life of prayer helps you develop a third eye that can read between the lines and find the golden thread which is moving toward inclusivity, mercy, and justice.... Any "pre-existing condition" of a hardened heart, a predisposition to judgment, a fear of God, any need to win or prove yourself right will corrupt and distort the most inspired and inspiring of Scriptures--just as they pollute every human conversation and relationship. Hateful people will find hateful verses to confirm their love of death. Loving people will find loving verses to call them into an even greater love of life. And both kinds of verses are in the Bible!" (Richard Rohr)

I wish Stephen Fry knew Richard Rohr!

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