Friday, March 13, 2015

Accountability Both Ways...

I've been reading about accountability recently and the need for it in all areas of life, somewhere in my mind it connects with something Richard Rohr speaks about. He has some interesting 'If Only's' to consider within the context of Mark 9:34-35 "Anyone who wants to be the most important has to be the least important--the servant of all the others" 

  • If only the Church had shared Jesus' bias toward the bottom the past two thousand years! 
  • If only we had seriously believed him, how much sooner we would have seen the coming of peace and justice on this earth. 
  • If only we had truly listened to the Gospel, how differently Western history would have unfolded.

Instead, we have made easy and happy friends with power, prestige, perks, and possessions--even in the name of God and the Church. (Richard Rohr).

My wondering takes me to think about what inverted accountability would look like? To what degree do structures welcome and embrace accountability from outside their bureaucratic machinery? I was encouraged with a recent article that spoke of 'accountability of each other', that is something that I hope is more than an Utopian dream!

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