Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Another Sunday....

I hate starting late.

I can hear that there is a good crowd in for worship. Everything is ready. I’m prepared. A glance at the clock and I know that for once everything is in the right place. For once all is set. I glance and see that the grapes and vine branches are being distributed. For once ready to go...For once on time!

...Someone runs up to me. "There’s someone in the car park that needs to see you". I’m half thinking it is Mr Singh, perhaps someone needing a food parcel, perhaps advice. Another glance at the clock and I wonder why? Why? Why? WHY? I love the chaos of our small inner city church BUT NOT NOW!!

I huff and puff, sigh and wonder why can’t anyone see that I am trying to prepare to lead worship, present the gospel in a meaningful way. Can‘t I be left to do that just for an hour? Can’t someone else deal with it?

I take my guitar off and make my way to the car park. A couple meets me. She looks at me and bursts into tears. I look to the husband as he bites his lip bravely. "I’m so sorry...." she says with embarrassment. "I’m just not coping".

The grapes, dead vine branches, my guitar – everything needs to wait. We spend time together and I realise that what God wanted me to say that morning was to a couple in a car park with no one else around.


Anonymous said...

this one made me cry. I'm so glad that you went out to talk to that couple. Imagine if you didn't put down your guitar? how many times have i missed what God has wanted me to do because i have been 'busy' doing "His" work? *hangs head*


Gordon said...

I guess we are all too often guilty!!

**double hang head!**

Thanks for dropping by