Saturday, May 29, 2004

Mr Singh came in today...

giving hope

i went looking for mr singh

He’s back. He’s found some where else. Shelter in All Saints Church’s side porch.

There was a day when I could put him into a car and drive to our local hostel and he would be given shelter. The Government put an end to that. Now there is procedure. A street rescue worker needs to contact the client on the street to be able to refer the client to a hostel. Charlatans, imposters, fakes are weeded out and care given to those who really need it. The procedure would be great if it was more efficient – nearly a month has gone by since our referral.

We give Mr Singh another sleeping bag (it was cleared with the rest of his stuff); some clothing and promise to put more pressure on the external street rescue process.

You help but it feels woefully inadequate.

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